Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I realized now while viewing the online catalog for the MAD museum's exhibit "A Bit of Clay on the Skin," why it is exactly I enjoy the ceramic material:
It is "the stuff of the luxurious and the mundane..." It is a material that can subvert your expectations of what it can and should do, both in its physical properties as well its function as a cultural object.
Ceramics is a field that can easily embrace every aspect of my utterly frivolous and fickle tendencies.
I needed a bit of that.

In any case, something ENTIRELY different. Here are some studio shots and works in progress:

Materials include birch wood, encaustic, acrylic paint, oil paint, polyurethane, flocking, slip cast porcelain. Drawing below is colored pencil and acryrlic.
"Something That Happened Between Coffee Dates, A Severe Addiction to Work, and Consequently a Severe Addiction to Alcohol."


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Danny Knox - 감자 said...

love the patterned pyramids mounted with the backdrop. I think i'm least interested in the red shapes as i dont think they contribute much for me. they are kind of distracting. But, then again i havent seen it in person and they could be perfect!

true clay is so precious for its ability to do so many things. I like it because it recreates my illustrations, and enables me to manipulate my drawings directly with my hands.

hope all is well tracy <3